Our business is done by people who put optimism into action to impact the lives of others.

Irani is dedicated to having its employees choose it as their place to work and wants people to stay here for a long time, grow and develop, feeling part of the Company and the projects they build.

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Generates Diversity Program

The Program is guided by the commitments made publicly in the Policy on the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities.

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Santa Catarina:
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Young Apprentice Program

Contributing to the insertion of young people in the labor market, Irani encourages the professional training of young people with internally coordinated practices and pedagogical guidance of the partner teaching institution.

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The Young Apprentice Program lasts up to 2 years, in accordance with the Unit and partnership with the program’s regulatory bodies.

The enrollment period occurs annually, usually in the second semester and in all company units.
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Criteria for participation:
• Age: from 14 (fourteen) to 24 (twenty four) full years.
• Elementary or secondary school completed or in progress.
• Be enrolled in the Learning Program of the program’s governing bodies, according to your region.


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