IRANI Memory

Relive with us the memory of those 75 years marked by entrepreneurship and innovation.

On October 9, 1940 John Lennon is born, the most famous of the Beatles.

Winery Rio Grandense

In 1939 and in the middle of 1940, saw the beginning of the Second World War. German submarines torpedoed merchant vessels and hindered the export and import of manufactured products.

Brazil imported a lot of paper and pulp, and because of the war, the product had trouble reaching Brazilian ports. Therefor a new branch of industry appeared that of pulp and paper.

Given this context, in Rio Grande do Sul, the Companhia Vinícola Rio Grandense de Caxias do Sul (RS) saw the fine wines market decline. As the Company had good capital reserves, it decided to invest in another market, pulp and paper.

For a feasibility study, the directors of the Vínicola (winery), Galeazzo Paganelli and José Moraes Vellinho decided to send an envoy in search of pine forests in the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina. This task was assigned to Alfredo Fedrizzi, a reliable man who proved his dedication and skill during eleven years in the Vinícola Rio Grandense Company.

Thus, the history of Cellulose Irani SA began.