Corporate Governance

The Celulose Irani SA commitment with the best practices in the relationships with its shareholders and other stakeholders makes the Company adopt corporate governance guided by social and environmental responsibility, ethics, courage, openness, warmth, innovation and a pioneering spirit.

These principles and values, that enable IRANI to maintain a relationship based on respect and the accurate disclosure of information.

The administration of IRANI is exercised by the Board of Directors, which has deliberative functions, and by the Management, with executive and representative functions, the Chairman of the Board of Directors does not hold the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

The Board of Directors shall meet monthly, providing attention to strategic issues of the Company such as: business risks, market relations, corporate policies, investments and monitoring the results reflected in the Financial Statements Report. All powers of the Board of Directors are in Article 12 of the Bylaws of the Company. Among them, the inspection of the management is highlighted, allowing the Board to examine, at any time, Company books and papers, requesting information on contracts and any other acts. The Board mandate is for two years and the Director may be reelected.

The Board shall meet, ordinarily in person every month, and by videoconference, whenever necessary, and their competence to practice all acts necessary for the regular operation of the Company, other than the competence of the General Assembly or Board of Directors, in accordance with the powers contained in Article 14 of the Bylaws of the Company. The term of for the directors is two years, reelection is permitted.


Last Update: July 27, 2018

President of the Board of Directors
see curriculum
PÉRICLES PEREIRA DRUCK add_circle_outline



Board Members
Term Office see curriculum
EURITO FREITAS DRUCK April 2017 – April 2019 add_circle_outline
PAULO MALLMANN April 2017 – April 2019 add_circle_outline



Independent Board Members
Term Office see curriculum
PAULO ISERHARD April 2017 – April 2019 add_circle_outline
ROBERTO FALDINI junho/2018 a April/2019 add_circle_outline



Executive Board
Term Office see curriculum
President Director SÉRGIO LUIZ CONTRIM RIBAS April 2017 – April 2019 add_circle_outline
Administrative, Financial and Investor Relations Director ODIVAN CARLOS CARGNIN April 2017 – April 2019 add_circle_outline
Paper & Forestry Business Director HENRIQUE ZUGMAN 01/12/2017 a May/2019 add_circle_outline
Packaging Business Director LINDOMAR LIMA DE SOUZA 01/12/2017 a May/2019 add_circle_outline
Management, Strategy & Personnel Director FABIANO ALVES DE OLIVEIRA 01/12/2017 a May/2019 add_circle_outline

The society is represented as follows:

a) Extra-judicially, by two Directors jointly, by a Director jointly with an attorney, or by two attorneys together;

b) Judicially by a Director to whom this responsibility was assigned by the Board of Directors or by an attorney specially constituted for this purpose.

Note: Trade bills and invoices in any establishment of the society, may be signed by a Director together with an attorney or together by two attorneys, as well as an ordinary correspondent. Checks issued by any establishment of the society, whether the head office, or a manufacturing facility, branch or deposit, shall be signed by two Directors together, by a Director together with an attorney, or by two attorneys.

In line with best corporate governance practices, Celulose Irani provides a Calendar of Corporate Events which is a list of upcoming events during the year, such as the disclosure of the annual and quarterly results, holding of ordinary meetings and providing minutes to the Securities Commission (CVM).



  • 29 Call Notice and Management Proposal for the 2019 General Meeting
  • 29 Ordinary General Meeting 2019
  • 30 Earnings Release 1Q19
  • 31 Reference Form 2019
  • 31 Earnings Release 2Q19