Internal Regulations

Know the Rules for guiding our actions.

Item 1 – Whilst carrying out the job position or function, IRANI`s employees:
a. Seek the best result, always having a transparent attitude, of respect and collaboration with work colleagues, employer’s representatives and the public interest.

b. Care for the fulfillment of these regulations and the orientation of the activities given to them;

c. Carry out with attention, efficacy and efficiency their tasks, requesting instructions and explanations that may be required for the perfect accomplishment of the tasks.

d. Carry out their functions and authority, with entrepreneurial spirit and to overcome challenges.

e. Carry out their attributions with effectiveness, eliminating situations that lead to flaws or delays in the service that is being done.

f. Shouldn’t alter neither misstate the content of any document, information or data.

g. Emphasize the integration and the development of teamwork.

h. Shouldn’t use their position, function, activity, means, position and influence with the aim of obtaining any advantage for himself or for someone else.

i. Care for uniforms, facilities, equipment and machines, as well as the all of the Company’s assets, communicate any abnormalities that are encountered.

j. Arrive in the workplace using the Uniform and EPI´s (Personal Safety Equipment) provided by the company or in clothing and appropriate hygienic conditions.

k. Take part and participate in special improvement courses, training and development, to which they are invited.

l. Collaborate with the maintenance of hygiene and cleaning within the company.

m. Only use the official ways in to and out of the company, always showing, in a clearly visible place, the identification badge. The company reserves the right, to at any time inside of the company, to control and carry out a personal and corporal inspection, of packages, briefcases, suitcases, vehicles, etc.

n. Respect and obey the established working hours in accordance with the convenience and need of each area or activity. This also includes the availability to work over time and work trips.

o. Take responsibility for damages and deviation of the company’s goods; caused willfully or by negligence, inability or imprudence. When needed, a Commission will be formed to evaluate any situation of deadlock. This Commission will have as its members: The involved employee and the respective supervisor, the leadership involved, a representative from the Company’s assets area.

p. Practice the Term of Compromise for the use of computer equipment.

q. Practice the Procedure for Approval Certificates.


2- In the relationship with leadership and friends, the employees of IRANI:
a. Promote, care and respect for the environment, loyalty and cordiality with all of the collaborators and leaders.

b. Promote everybody’s well being, without the prejudice of, race, sex, color, age and any other discriminating form.

c. Promote actions that improve the internal communication.

d. Polite behavior, with readiness and attention to all of the people that you relate to, respecting the individual differences.

e. Don’t harm a friends’ or the leadership’s reputation through prejudicial judgments, perjury, and baseless information without foundation on the truth or any other subterfuge.

f. Don’t seek favors that appear to be, or cause, any type of commitment or personal obligation.

g. Respect the hierarchy; however, immediately inform the leadership of any irregular behavior, as long as it is based on reality.

h. Immediately inform superiors, to take reasonable steps in cases of, any corruption, action or omission that is judged not to be in the interests of the Company. Don’t submit to pressures that seek to obtain improper advantages.

i. Respect the individual rights and always obtain compatibility with the collective well-being.

j. Have the right to suspend activities, after taking the corrective measures, in cases where there are situations in which the life and/or physical integrity of a work colleague is in serious and imminent risk, communicate the fact immediately to your superior and/or to SESMT.

k. Preserve the company’s assets, equipment, material, technological and strategic information and operational methods.

Item 2 – it is prohibited for the employee to:
a. Be absence from work without prior permission or justification.

b. Smoke in non authorized places.

c. Carry out, inside the Company, any type of personal work or work for third parties. Included in this item is the selling of products or services.

d. Encourage noise, shouting, games, arguments, swearing or inappropriate and immoral gestures, within the company and surroundings as well as in vehicles for the transport of employees’ supplied by the company.

e. Bring into the work place or use any type of alcoholic beverages, poison, weapons, as well as gambling.

f. Use Irani resources such as (study aids, presentations, information, personal computers, printers, etc.) to promote private interests. Make copies and/or remove from the work place without authorization documents, objects, drawings or equipment and devices that belong to the company, as well as publishing confidential information.

g. Offer lifts or transport family members in Company vehicles without the authorization of the competent person.

h. To stamp or fill out another employee’s time card.


IRANI relies on its employees to always observe the highest standards of professional and business ethics:

3 – When there is a conflict of interests, the employees:

a. Does not get involved in any activity that interferes with or conflicts with the performance of their responsibilities in the Company as well as those that conflict with the work schedule of, attention and time.

b. Does not exercise participation rights by supplying companies, customers or competitors.

c. Does not carry out any investments, extraneous participations, or other activities that appear to be in conflict, direct or indirectly, through relatives or others.

d. Does not provide technical support or consultancy of any type to suppliers, customers and Irani service providers, or even to those that are participating in quotations, except when formally authorized by the respective leadership. In this case, properly documented and filed in the respective handbook with HR.


4 – In respect to personal advantages, the employees:
a. Do not accept invitations of personal nature for lodgings, trips and other attractions that can cause damage to the image and/or the interests of Irani.

b. Do not allow customers, suppliers, partners and competitors as a consequence of a personal relationships to influence in the taking of a decision.

c. Do not maintain private commercial relationships with customers, suppliers, partners and competitors in which may offer personal privileges because of the lob or function that is occupied.

d. Not to become established with partners, managers, assistants, legal representative or intermediary in any entity that negotiates or is a competitor of any Irani Units.

e. Do not plead for, request, provoke, suggest or receive any type of financial help, bonus, prize, commission, donation, present or advantage of any type, for yourself, relatives or any other person, for carrying out of their professional activities or to influence other work colleague in this way.

f. Do not make use of information that one may have access to due to your attribution or job, in order to obtain a personal advantage for relatives or a third party.

g. Do not allow the relationship with former-employees of the Company, through commercial or personal relationships, to influence any decision of the companies or to provide access to privileged information.

h. Do not make indications of consultations for candidates for the filling of a job vacancy with, suppliers or partners with which you may have a professional connection.

i. Do not accept presents from customers’, suppliers, partners and competitors, being excepted from these clearly identified gifts and having a low commercial value.


5 – Relationship with the press and external contacts, the employees:
a. When they grant interviews, publish goods or use any other form of public manifestation of a personal character, they should preserve the interests and the image of the Company.

b. Do not use institutional instruments to make public declarations.

c. Do make public declarations about strategic information or of a secret character.

d. Occupants in positions of trust may not make public declarations about strategic information or of a secret character, except with specific authorization from the Director of the Area. Contacts with the press is the responsibility of the Management.

Item 3 – The employee can be transferred to any area or unit of the company at the company’s criteria.

Item. 4 – Justified Absence (by way of the presentation of supporting document).

The employee can miss work without affecting his salary on the following occasions (as long as this is properly documented):

– 3 consecutive days because of civil marriage;
– 5 consecutive days in the case of the birth of a child;
– 1 day every 12 months for blood donations;
– However many days are needed to obtain the voting documents and carry out military enlistment provided that this is correctly documented;
– To meet summons for elections / jury service;
– 2 consecutive days in case of a relatives’ death;

Item 5 – Non justified Late Arrivals
All employees that in the period of 12 months, arrive late at work, beside having his/her wage discounted for the late arrival, the following disciplinary procedures will be adhered to:

– First late arrival – Beginning of the 12 months counting period;
– Second late arrival – 1st warning in writing;
– Third late arrival – 2nd warning in writing;
– Fourth late arrival – 1 day Suspension;
– Fifth late arrival – 3 days Suspension;
– Sixth late arrival – Summary Dismissal.

Item 6 – Non Justified Absence
All employees that during a period of 12 months are absent from work without justification, besides having their wage discounted, the following disciplinary procedures will be adhered to:

– First Absence – Warning in writing;
– Second Absence – 1 day Suspension;
– Third Absence – Summary Dismissal.

Item 7 – The employee who is involved in an accident at work, analyzed by the Commission responsible for CIPA and the Committee of Analysis of Patrimonial Damages as being an “Insecure Act”, will be subject to the following penalties:
a) – Written Warning
b) – Suspension
c) – Summary Dismissal.

In the cases of proof of the performance of an insecure act the calculated damage will be repaid back to the company Celulose Irani by whoever caused it. (According to the procedure of Patrimonial Damages).

Item 8 The employee that infringe this regulation, in any of the points above, will be subject to the following penalties:
b) – Written Warning
c) – Suspension
d) – Summary Dismissal.

Art. 9th – The penalties mentioned above will be applied according to the gravity of the absence.