A company that generates value is one that, in addition to bringing results to customers, contributes in a relevant way to the world.

At Irani, we think and act with simplicity and transparency. We provide end-to-end customer-focused management to continuously improve our paper and packaging production.

We know that our expertise is better integrated with that of our customers. Thus, we guarantee truly innovative solutions with an economic impact on the value chain.

All of this is possible because we cultivate opportunities that start from the inside out.

Who works for Irani, forming a creative and engaged entrepreneurial team, for all those who relate to us.

Our business goes beyond paper and packaging. And it’s made by people who put optimism into action to impact other people’s lives, with sustainable practices and ideas that can turn relationships into prosperous relationships.

Prosperous relationships. This is our Essence.
What inspires us, engages and leads.



Building value relationships.


Being the best, most cost-effective, one of the best to work and be among the largest paperboard and corrugated packaging companies.


  • In the first place, life
  • People challenged and valued
  • Customer Focus
  • Focus on the result
  • Integrity
  • Cordiality
  • Innovation
  • Social and environmental responsibility