Structured to meet all demand generated by customers, our Technical Assistance carries out preventive and corrective visits, development and training to instruct the clients.

Preventive visits are carried out through annual planning and aim to identify opportunities for improvement both in the customer’s production process and in the product.

The corrective visits seek to respond quickly to any problem caused by the client, identifying the causes and presenting the solution measures.

Irani is available to meet 100% of the problems through a technical visit.

The survey of entry requirements or improvement opportunities for the construction of partnership projects, automation of lines, development of new products and sustainability projects is carried out through technical visits.

It is in this visit that we understand the reality and the product of the customer, its logistics, packaging, storage and the other particularities that are decisive for the development of the ideal product.??All the products developed by Irani have the follow up of the technical assistance in the first use by the client , which guarantees better performance and security in the supply.

Types of technical visit


Propose projects and solutions with the Client.

Anticipate a possible problem performing accompaniments.

To address any customer complaints and problem solving.

Training in Irani:
Customer professionals come to Irani and are trained throughout the production process, from the seed to the final product.

Training In Company:
It is performed by Irani professionals in the customer unit.
It explores key product attributes, expanding customer knowledge and ensuring even more success in the marketplace.