Our business is done by people who put optimism into action to impact other people’s lives and build value relationships.

Building value relationships is our mission.

And this construction starts from our first steps in here.

Irani is dedicated to having its employees choose it as their place to work and wants people to stay here for a long time, grow and develop, feeling part of the Company and the projects they build.

Why work in Irani?

Being one of the best companies to work in Brazil is part of our vision and this is only possible when our employees recognize us in this way.

In order to ensure a systemic look at people management of all units, Irani invests in the construction of programs, projects and activities that offer the best working conditions, providing an opportunity for development and establishing an optimum organizational climate.


Thinking about the health, safety and quality of life of our employees is one of the premises of people management, which also provides the following benefits:

The Company has restaurants in all its industrial units. The service to the offices is done through an agreement or restaurant card. Employees also receive a basic monthly basket or food card.

Agreed transportation for employees residing far from the manufacturing units.

Life insurance
Irani maintains group life insurance, benefiting its employees and family.


Health insurance
In all units, Irani has partnerships with Health Plans that serve all employees and direct dependents.

Dental Care
With values of procedures lower than those practiced by the market, dental expenses are divided between the company and the employee, through a payroll discount.

Agreement with pharmacies
It allows employees to use up to 20% of their nominal salary to make purchases at accredited establishments up to 40 days in advance of receiving their monthly salary.

Education Grants
The Development and Education Incentive Policy is a form of investment that aims to train and improve the qualification and professional development of employees.

Profit Sharing Program
The Results Participation Program (PPR) intensifies the relationship with employees by monitoring their success factors, as well as recognizes them for the efforts and meeting the goals proposed in the year.

Number of Employees

among the
best to work
in MG, SC and RS

2016 and 2017

more than R$1.6 millioninvested in
and training

more of2,500direct

Our Programs

Through selection, integration and functional follow-up processes, it aims to attract, engage and follow the professional trajectory of employees and stimulate their development.

Main actions: Personnel selection, Young Apprentice Program, internships, Program for Inclusion of People with Deficiency, Integration, functional follow-up and dismissal processes.

Oriented by Organizational Climate research, it seeks to strengthen people’s engagement through a set of actions aimed at providing a stimulating and motivating work environment.

Main actions: Research of Organizational Climate, Recognitions by time of Company and motivational actions.

In line with our strategy, it is based on six core competencies and five differentiators, encompassing training and development of employees.

Main actions: In line with our strategy, it is based on six core competencies and five differentiators, encompassing training and development of employees.

Integrated management model for occupational health and safety, with the objective of increasing the percentage of compliance with current legislation and reducing occupational accidents. For this, it encompasses actions and procedures focused on employee engagement and the adequacy of operational processes.

Main actions:  Evaluation of the physical structures of the units, quantification of occupational exposure, standardization of the work of SESMT [Specialized Service in Safety Engineering and Occupational Medicine – from the acronym in portuguese], humanization of processes, corporate campaigns related to the promotion of quality of life and constant training of leaders and operational teams.

It seeks to challenge and acknowledge people’s development through an annual assessment of individual performance based on competencies and results.

Main actions: Annual performance evaluation and biannual and annual feedbacks.